Our Approach

Stone Martial Arts is a family owned and operated dojo focusing on real life application of martial arts.  This studio was founded by a high ranking black belt in the arts of Tae Kwon Do, Ninjutsu, and Jiu Jitsu.

Jacob and Lisa Stone, along with their black belt daughters and amazing team, continue this highly effective training style.


Meet the Family


The Stone Black Belts

Lisa Stone

Lisa is a 5th degree black belt and co-owner of Stone Martial Arts.  She is a practicing occupational therapist for over 23 years, primarily working with children with special needs.


Jacob Stone

Jacob is a 3rd degree black belt and co-owner of Stone Martial Arts.  He is a Spanish teacher by day (and ninja at night??) and truly enjoys working with middle and high school students.


Josie Stone

Josie is a 2nd degree black belt.  She earned her black belt at 9 years old.  She is now attends Bethany College and plays basketball for them


Gabby Stone

Gabby is a 1st degree black belt and all tough woman.  She is a professional fashion designer and completing her degree from WVU